Alert box is a modal or popup window that opens either by clicking on a button or automatically after a period of time. To create a new alert box or edit existing boxes made before, simply select Alert Modal Box from the left menu under My Tools. In this tool edit section you will face various input boxes. After selecting a desired name at top, You need to design the title and content of the alert box.

Alert Box Custom Settings

In these input text boxes you can use a variety of available tools to build what you want. If the buttons don't reach you to your goal, simply click on the Source button and use HTML and CSS directly. If you like to use images, please upload it elsewhere and then put it here.

After that, you should define the box size in the format of Width x Height. It is possible to define the sizes in percent as well. The button text and the interval for the box to be loaded automatically are the next inputs. If you want to disable the button or auto loading, simply write 0 in these boxes.

Alert Box Inputs

Finally, like all tools, see the preview and if it is OK, then copy the code and use it wherever you want.