Making buttons dynamic or animated can be done in a few steps. Under My Tools in the left menu, select Animating Button to navigate to a page containing a list of your animating buttons or create a new one. When the setting page is opened, like other tools, please choose a desired name for your dynamic text. After that, you have to fill the other custom settings inputs. The first input is a place to insert the button title and its width can be set in the second input.

Animating Button Custom Name

Then, you need to set three colors: the background color, the button normal color, and the button color when it is hovered. All these colors are used to fit the button characteristics with your page design.

Animating Button Customs Color

Afterwatds, you can define a link to be loaded when the button is clicked and finally, select an effect for the designed button.

Animating Button Customs Effect

Simply see the preview, if you've liked it, copy the code and use it in your web page.