The panel comprises various sections. To move within these sections simply use the left menu bar. As you can see below, this menu has two tope sections with some sub-sections.

Right Menu       Right Menu


In the Dashboard, you will find general information and settings about your account, tools etc. and also have access to the message center. These parts will be introduced in separate articles. In the My Tools section you can select each available tool service and create a new tool or edit existing tools in that category. Each tool has its own special settings and considerations and will be explained in details in the Our Tools section.

In the Top Bar, you will find the type of your account, for example Silver Account, at the top left. Each account type has its own limitations. Read more about account types here. At right you will see whether if any new notifications or messages arrived. Besides a quick menu of your user panel available here.

Top Bar


There exists some informative numbers in this section as well. Each number has a question mark which introduces it.  by the word Hits, we mean each visit performed from the page that one of the tools you have created is located in. Based on your account plan, you have a limited number of hits and the percent remained from your limit is also expressed in this bar.

Then you are faced to three columns, in which certain information is shown. Again, question marks help you find what is displayed here. In the first column, a brief overview of your created tools is shown, while the second column is a place for latest messages. The last column helps you perform essential actions very quickly (see below).

Overview Body