Web Tools are some essential parts of your website that have special functionality for the manager and/or the visitors. There exist several ways to find or build and use a web tool. First way is to design it by yourself or hire a programmer to do so. While this is the most efficient way to have what you want, it might be very time consuming or you need to spend several amounts of money for a simple website. Besides, your own code might not be very professional and may have security problems. This is while many common tools have been built previously and have been tested for many years by many users. These tools can be found either for free with open access sources or you might need to buy them. Although such tools solve many problems, they have some disadvantages. The first problem is that most of their sources are visible for everyone, therefore the hackers can find leakages and penetrate through them. The second problem is that you need to know a bit of programming and the way to install and use them, and if it is needed, create a database for them.The third generation of web tools are those designed in an external website and used in your website with a single or few lines of codes.

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